Healing Botanicals Open Exhibit

Laurie and Sarah Tennent are the rare mother and daughter who happily collaborate on projects. Their current one is an art exhibit that combines outstanding images of botanicals with informative details about their healing properties. The women complement each other well. Laurie Tennent is a celebrated photographer and Sarah Tennent is an accomplished acupuncturist who has studied Chinese medicine in China. Their mutual wonder over the healing power of botanicals is at the heart of their collaboration. The women are deeply attuned to botanicals and their potent healing properties. They embrace the concept of biophilia, first mentioned by psychoanalyst Eric Fromm in 1973. He described biophilia as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.” The Tennents’ find joy and wonder in nature and want others to have that experience as well.
“People are missing so much connection with nature. Walking through nature can heal us, food can heal us. The plants we need to heal us are right in front of us,” says Laurie Tennent. “What we’re really presenting is the essence and energetics of the plant,” explains Sarah Tennent. “That’s where we came together, realizing these images were also healing, and that the energy, almost the personality and spirit of the plant, is captured there.”


Sep 07 2021 - Dec 03 2021


All Day

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University of Michigan Hospital, Main Lobby, 1500 E Medical Center Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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