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Our goals with the

The Positive Periods Collection…

…is to provide remedies that ease discomfort and restore balance. As medical professionals we understand that symptoms represent deeper disharmonies in the body; signals that the body’s natural functions are disrupted. Menstruation symptoms are no different.

Menstruation is the normal discharge of blood, tissue, and mucus from the lining of the uterus. The menstrual blood is released when pregnancy has not occurred. This is a time to refresh, release and renew. PMS is not normal, although very common.

PMS is a sign of hormonal dysregulation. Our herbal products are specially designed to harmonize the body and ease symptoms that commonly present during menstruation.

According to Chinese Medicine, unfavorable symptoms occur when the Five Elements of the material world are in disharmony.
Each Cedar Rose Botanical box is specially formulated to treat commonly seen period patterns: B!TCH, BELLY, CRAMP, POWER.

Remedies to Restore Balance & Power

Cedar Rose Botanicals are expertly blended from premium sustainable ingredients. We promote rituals of self-care that are grounded in the ancient wisdom of nature and its healing properties. Our team of highly trained physicians and herbalists design products to restore your inner strength and well-being while making a positive impact on the environment and community.

Support Your Cycle

We have designed four exclusive self-care boxes using our favorite tools to help ease uncomfortable periods.

Reclaim power over your period with a monthly self-care box-set delivery.

Take Action to Support Your Health

Each box includes 5 herbal products designed to ease discomfort during painful periods.*

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